Many an Ace Card has made it to the practice field in the last 10 years.
Based on the content of the “Coaches Series” these handy cards are
great for planning your practice session and for putting in your tracksuit
pocket for quick reference at the field.

Tony Waiters

64 Cards

Box keeps Ace Cards Organized

3 by 4.5 Inches

Size of a Red Card

Weather Proofed

For those rainy days

4 Suits

Hearts, Diamonds, Spades & Clubs

Lower Denominations

For younger Players

Higher Denominations

For teenagers & Elite Players


For Fun Warm-up

Plus 11

Planning & How to Cards

Coming Soon the Byte Size Coaching App

Everything these days is dependent on Technology - the internet, computers, laptops, tables and Smartphones.  The art of conversation is just about dead.  But the learning opportunities are not.The great thing about Smartphones is not only can they go anywhere (including the practice field) the all important graphic can be enlarged and manoeuvred and put into landscape mode as you can see below.We will let you know of the launch date and cost as soon as the app is ready to go