Gold Medal Parents: Little League Players need a Big League Parenting

So you believe your child will be the next big thing in the Big Leagues?

So you think it is inevitable that your son will win an Olympic Gold Medal one day?
So you are a 100% certain that your little girl will be the next Nadia Commenici?

Gold Medal kids need Gold Medal parents.  Little Leaguers who aspire to the Big Leagues need Big League Parenting.

Are you up to the challenge?

So what type of sporting parent are you?


We’ve sent you to the site of the Sport Coaching Brain, Wayne Goldsmith, on previous occasions.  Wayne is based in Australia and is very aware of the challenges in all kinds of competitive and community sports.

In this link Wayne talks about Parents and Sports.  You may or may not recognize yourself in one of his categories, but you will recognize some of your team’s parents.  And you will certainly have a wry smile.  But as coaches we have to deal with some of these people.

Take a look at for more information for parents involved with your team.