One Player not at the Women’s World Cup this Year

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The women’s World Cup is being played here in Canada. There is one outstanding player, Nadia Nadim, who isn’t here. The reason? Nadia plays for Denmark and Denmark did not qualify for this year’s World Cup finals.

Click here to read her story. It is a fascinating one and is about much more than soccer – even though soccer is providing a channel for the promotion of women’s rights in the world.

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Half Time Snacks

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You got the job coaching a team of soccer rug rats, or you were “persuaded” to take on the role ‘cos nobody else would

Either way you’re a coach.  It’s the weekend and you are preparing for the first soccer game.

What are the best half time snacks to feed ravenous young soccer players? More info


Change is in the air – Two revolutionary advances in the coaching of soccer

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Byte Size Coaching can improve the overall coaching abilities of your coaches and increase your registration numbers by 20%.

Byte Size Coaching is taking a giant step forward. The original program was based on 20 coaching manuals published by World of Soccer.

At the core of the program are the practice and session plans that can be printed out (in black and white) and taken to the practice (see the graphic at the bottom). More info